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BioClean Services- Specialist in biohazard clean up, coronavirus decontamination, and deep cleaning!

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There is no doubt that exposure to biological and chemical contaminants can cause serious health consequences. And if there is a failure in removing such substances then it can lead to unhealthy and dangerous environments. To thoroughly eliminates all potentially harmful biohazards and pathogens from affected areas, a specialist is required who can do biohazard clean up and disinfection process in a proper way and ensure your property is returned to a safe, liveable condition. And this is what we guarantee at Bio Clean Services. So, let’s first discuss everything in detail.

Biohazard clean-up is not like standard house or business cleaning that can be easily done but the biohazard clean up requires industry expertise, specialized equipment, and appropriate certifications. Since improper clean up can cause health and safety risks. This is why Bio Clean Services has developed a 3-step disinfection process formed by many years of research and experience. We at Bio Clean Services thoroughly wash and disinfect all potentially harmful biohazards from affected areas to make sure our customers’ property is returned to a safe and liveable condition.

Services we are best in

⚫ Infection disease control & prevention (corona virus, MRSA, swine flu)

⚫ Remediation process

⚫ Virus decontamination

⚫ Biohazard clean up, water/ fire damage

⚫ Mold remediation

⚫ Crime scene clean up

Why is remediation so important?

In cases like accidents or death where the blood is present, there is a risk of exposure of BBP (Blood borne pathogens) and biohazards ranging from viruses like Hepatitis to bacteria such as MRSA. It has been shown through statistics that 1 in 24 people have Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV. Due to these potential dangers, we have developed and refined a safety-focused and science-based remediation process that can perfectly protect the health and welfare of our customers, employees, and affected properties.

OSHA’s Blood borne Pathogen Standards are being followed by us that include practicing universal precautions and equipping our teams with appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). We also provide our customers with personal protective equipment if they need to access any affected areas. Our main goal is to reduce exposure risk for all parties involved.

How we do it:

Step 1: ASSESS: First of all, we complete an initial walk-through and OSHA-mandated employee-safety hazard assessment of the scene.

Step 2: CONTROL AND SETUP: After an assessment, we use OSHA’s recommended cross-contamination protocol to control the affected area by securing and separating it from other parts of the structure.

Step 3: REMOVE: Thereafter, we remove all visible traces of blood and biological materials from the affected area. This is the riskiest step of the process of remediation.

Step 4: CLEAN, DISINFECT, AND DEODORIZE: After removal, we clean, disinfect, and deodorize affected surfaces using EPA-rated disinfectants.

Step 5: VERIFY: Upon completion, we use ATP (adenosine triphosphate testing technology) to guarantee hospital-level standards of disinfection.


We make use of CDC approved and EPA registered industrial-strength disinfectants with a broad spectrum kill claim.
All infected materials are cleaned, disinfected, and correctly disposed of as biohazard waste.
Also, we make use of fully encapsulated personal protective equipment.
Our certified clean up technicians wear full-face respirator masks all the time.
We adhere to a stringent corona virus demobilization process for our equipment, trucks and waste storage areas.
Every infectious disease case is a biohazard situation, and every biohazard situation may include infectious disease. This is why we follow OSHA’s blood borne pathogen regulations and practice universal safety measures to protect our employees and our customers.

The process we use is purely science-based which ensures that we contain the affected areas to prevent cross-contamination, take away all traces of biological materials, disinfect and deodorize, and upon ending, we test to make sure that the affected areas are free of pathogens. We are meticulous and thorough because we understand that the health and safety of you and your family are on the line.


Though BioClean Services follows strict protocol promulgated by the Center for Disease Control Prevention, there is no testing that exists to ensure total elimination of COVID-19. BioClean Services guarantees that its cleaning protocol curbs the spread and threat of COVID-19. However, it cannot guarantee with 100% certainty the total eradication of it.

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Why choose us:

biohazard decontamination
Rapid Response 24/7/365. We are devoted to providing emergency rapid response and 24-hour trauma cleaning.
We offer Immediate Assistance. One of our dedicated customer care advisors will always be available to answer questions and guide you through the remediation process.
We offer Compassionate Care and Personal Touch: We often help families and businesses in the most difficult of circumstances. We help them steer through the remediation process from start to end while providing comfort, compassion, and empathy during tough times.
We are certified, professionals. We have appropriate licensing and mandatory certifications necessary to operate.
Disease epidemic is an enormously serious situation and we understand that the health and safety of you, your family, and employees are on the line. Don’t take any risk to hire our specialist for biohazard clean up, corona virus decontamination and deep cleaning with 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!!

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